ONCE UPON A FEAST   brings intimate groups of gastronomically curious guests together for mouthwatering cultural destination dinners. Guided by chef and culinary historian Joanna Pruess, participants are whisked away to locales or historical time frames of their choosing. The results: a delicious evening infused with wines and insights about how and why cultures dine as we do or once did.

Make plans for an Imperial Chinese Banquet, discover Mexico’s Mole and Gastronomic Legacy, enjoy a Viennese Sweet Table circa 1900, celebrate Paris in the Jazz Age, dine at a Moghul Banquet near the Taj Mahal, and beyond. Joanna Pruess and her partner, Vivian Cioffi, are ready to create unique experiences you and your guests will not forget. For more information, contact: Joanna Pruess: 917.388.2207 or Vivian Cioffi: 212.242.3065

“Thanks to Once Upon a Feast, my 15 handpicked guests and I were transported to old Istanbul for a remarkable Ottoman-inspired evening. As we savored the sumptuous and delicious buffet, Joanna Pruess offered informative and fun facts that helped us to more fully appreciate Turkish culture and its food. This interactive entertainment also encouraged clients from a variety of backgrounds who were at first complete strangers to naturally and effortlessly connect with one another and forge potential new relationships. The authentic ambiance created by Joanna was the undeniable ‘culprit’ that will be remembered by all present as a fulfilling and fun evening. I look forward to our next feast. - Robert Peller, CPA, Peller Wealth Management, New York City”